Getting Started to Understand: Installing Satellite Pans and Receivers Tutorials

Millet TV 2 home, because the family is the telecommunications 8M broadband, in order to give full play to the millet TV 2 smart TV function, it is not going to continue to renew the fee for the radio and television (in addition to the TV program itself, in addition, their local radio and television subtitles ads too much, and It is not not paying the viewing fee, too TMD), but sometimes watching the live broadcast for the sake of seconds, coupled with the introduction of the new policy of radio and television, gradually affecting the viewing of some programs, decided to install a satellite lid.
First, the accumulation of basic knowledge before installing satellites

Sky has many satellites and many functions. We only talk about TV satellites. There are about 60 TV satellites over China, which belong to different countries or regions. We can check it here. Chinese people often watch ten stars.

Before installing satellites, I think I should first understand a few basic knowledge before I can decide what kind of satellite lids I will install:

1. Satellite receiving system: It consists of parabolic antenna, feed, high-frequency head (a complete pot) + satellite receiver. The parabolic antenna (ie, the disk we often see) collects the energy of the signal from the satellite into a point (focus); the feed is a horn that gathers the satellite signal at the focus of the parabolic antenna. The energy that will gather in the focus is collected. Up; the high-frequency head is to send the satellite signal sent by the feed for down-clocking and signal amplification to the satellite receiver; satellite pot to ensure the quality of satellite information received. The satellite receiver demodulates the received signal and converts the signal transmitted by the satellite into a signal that the television can recognize.

2. Satellite direction and satellite elevation angle: The direction of the satellite pot and the elevation angle of the satellite pot determine whether your satellite pot can correctly collect the satellite information you need.

3, the size of the satellite pot: the larger the satellite pot, the stronger the information received. Usually, if a small pot with a diameter of only tens of centimeters is used, generally only one star signal is received. If there is a condition with a cauldron, one pot of double stars or one pot of multiple stars can be realized (ie, two or more tuner heads can be installed on one pot lid to determine whether to receive one main satellite or two or more satellites. It is possible to receive multiple satellite signals that are close to each other, and because there is only one pot, the direction and elevation angle of the pot determine the signal strength of the received satellites is strong or weak, and the number of programs may be more or less, but it is sure to close. Complete satellite signal).

4, the receiver's capabilities: satellite receivers have analog and digital, mainly for the current digital. To see what satellites, we must be able to receive the satellite's transmission signals. At present, many receivers can receive DVB-S and ABS-S dual signals.

5, satellite parameters: refers to the satellite in the transmission of satellite television programs used by the frequency, code rate and polarization data. The parameters of each satellite are different and the programs received are different. Usually satellite parameters are provided free of charge. There are two main satellite transmission standards, one is the internationally-accepted DVB-S, and the other is the ABS-S of China's intellectual property rights. Among them, ABS-S China specially developed, strong signals, and the received signal strength can lock programs by 35%. You can use a small pot (diameter 35 cm), mainly domestic satellite programs, to promote the party's voice, of course, small pots can also receive a small portion of other satellites, depending on the location of your area; DVB-S worldwide General, what programs have, it is said that the signal intensity "about 80% can lock the program, usually with a cauldron (diameter) 1.2 m pot).

6. Satellite-transmitted programs are divided into toll programs and free programs, digital transmission.

Second, decided to install what kind of satellite lid

Because I don't want to make the pan too large, it is easy to cause others to pay too much attention. At the same time, I only want to know the party's voice at any time and receive domestic satellites. Therefore, I decided to use a small pot to receive the ABS-S signal (due to the ABS-S signal. Strong, for concealed antennas, there are also small parallel antennas to sell.) If there are students with other needs, and the conditions allow the use of cauldrons, select other satellites to receive more programs.

Third, choose stars and decide the receiver

Because of my simple conditions, I decided to select Star 9, which can receive 54 channels (receiving device reference price 300-400 yuan), and its design life is still 6 or 7 years. Because I have less money, and no longer intended to look at CCTV's 3, 5, 6, and 8 encrypted payment channels, I decided to buy a cottage pot (receiving equipment reference price, which is usually the smallest 100-120 yuan, a little more about 150 yuan). . Because radio and television to avoid the impact of the cottage pot on the radio and television system, there is often nothing to upgrade the satellite (in fact, is to change the satellite program parameters), so the purchase of the cottage pot can automatically upgrade the air and RS232 upgrade.

Fourth, satellite pot installation

1, assembly
Spend 145 yuan to buy a small diameter 60CM pot. According to the assembly of the pot directly assembled, because I know I was installed on a plane, and only I installed a single person, many conditions do not have, in order to avoid the angle of the installation, I first found in the Baidu m.doc88. Com/p-1032966837405.html (or has checked the satellite elevation angle and side brigade under us here. When installing the satellite pot, it adjusts the satellite elevation angle to avoid slow adjustment during installation. When installing, you just need to aim at the direction of the satellite. just look at the picture.

2, site selection

Because China Star 9 is mainly south-south to China's region, and my home's balcony and windows are not facing the southwest direction, so only the roof is on the roof. A compass was installed on the mobile phone, and the direction of detection was upstairs. The pot was nailed directly to the roof with concrete nails. Ok you're done.

3, wiring

Directly drop the line from the top of the building, connect the satellite receiver, and then connect the satellite receiver to the millet TV 2. (The method is the same as the set-top box)

4, debugging

Open the receiver side TV AV, press the satellite receiver remote control, enter the menu - system signal debugging, to ensure that the signal strength turns green (no signal is a red bar), the intensity is greater than 60%, while ensuring that the signal strength turns green, my signal strength is 90%, the signal quality is 80%-85% (it is said that the highest signal quality is 93%, for about 40% of the signal quality of Star 9 can lock the program), so that we can watch TV.

The relationship between image quality and signal quality is not directly proportional. As long as the signal quality exceeds 40%, the quality of the viewed image is almost the same after locking the program. The overall satellite channel is still clear. Nothing is noticed. The only drawback is that many satellite festivals are monophonic, not stereo, and listening to good voices or networks is good.

5, search Taiwan

After the signal strength and quality are adjusted, you can close the stage. General use automatic search. If after searching, there is a discrepancy between the sound of the program and the image, it is OK to input the parameters according to the parameters on the Internet. After the receiver has searched the station, the sound and image of Guizhou TV are inconsistent. (See the latest parameters later)

If two people are installed, one can also adjust the direction and resolution of the satellite, and the other person can see the signal strength and quality, but I do not recommend this. I think I've adjusted my elevation angle (or if you're buying a pot lid and you're selling people who adjust their elevation angles. The reconciliation in one place is the same, so that you don't have to assemble and you don't have to tune it back.), and the compass is aligned. (Or pay attention to the observation of other local people's lid installation direction), and direct installation is more convenient.

Five, with Baidu satellite common sense information

There are a lot of bearers talking about the cover of satellite dishes, but many of them have little knowledge. I am a fan of Linfen. If there are any improper points, please give expert advice.

1. What is the role of satellite television in life?

The satellite television system is the most advanced television broadcasting system in the world, but it is special in China. For some reason (described below), it is an illegal industry in China. In other countries, satellite television systems are as important as telephone communications and broadband communications. It's like people using mobile phones compared to cable, and we're still using pagers.

2. What are the benefits of satellite TV compared to cable?

Satellite TV is more advanced than cable, and it transmits digital signals. Its clarity will not be distorted and it will not be noisy. It can transmit multiple stereos and surround sounds. Now many satellites have high-definition or even 3D channels. Through the cooperation of satellite set-top boxes, it is also possible to implement functions such as program listing and content profile viewing for each station.

3. Look at satellite pot violations?

It is not good to break the law to commit crimes, because there is no law that stipulates that satellites are illegal.

4. Why do you say that check pot?

Because the Premier of the LJ in China’s history has signed a State Council Decree, it is Order 129 (hereinafter referred to as the 129 Order), and its binding force is the same as the prohibition order. There are two reasons why the State Council is not allowed to install: First, the price of satellite television receiving systems is low, and the broadcasting and television industry is about to collapse. Second, China is a country with distinctive characteristics. It is afraid that the masses of the people will be affected by foreign media and affect the stability of the people. Therefore, in order to promote economic prosperity, in order to stabilize the people's minds, the country developed Yang's traditional virtues (the tradition of burning books and Confucianism) and banned it. 7

5. What if I check my pot?

For this problem, you can find Baidu's “Order of 129 lawyers” in Baidu. The content is briefly as follows. The first, 129 orders are stipulated by the Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, but the radio and television have no enforcement power. Many of the pots and pans are on the balcony and the roof of the building. Therefore, the radio and television should check it out, and it will be necessary to join the public security and other law enforcement agencies, and to repair the street lights. Assistance, etc., so the cost of pot inspection is very high, and the second, 129 orders make it “privately installed and used...” So as long as the pot is not installed or used by you, you cannot check it. You can help neighbors install a set of neighbors. Help you set one up. Third, according to the state administrative penalties, illegal behavior for more than two years, no longer pursue, so you settled as long as more than two years ... ..., if you want to confront, the method is very much, not afraid of impossible, afraid to think.

6. I think there are pots and pots in other people's dishes. Are they different? Is it more than a large pot and a small pot?

No, the size of the pan used is determined by the strength of the satellite in a certain place. The strength of the same satellite in different places is different, and the strength of different satellites in the same place is different. There are two kinds of high-low frequency satellite transmission signals, high-frequency (Ku segment) of the strong ability to spread, with partial pot (smaller). Low frequency (C-band) use positive pan (larger). The number of programs received is determined by the number of programs transmitted by the satellites on your lid. As long as the signal strength you receive (as determined by the size of the pot) is higher than the minimum requirement of the machine, the programs transmitted by this satellite will be all-inclusive. With the same income.

7. How many satellites are there on that day?

Sky has many satellites and many functions. We only talk about TV satellites. There are about 60 TV satellites over China, which belong to different countries or regions. We can check it here. Chinese people often watch ten stars.

8. What is a set of lids and can I bring more than one TV?

One set consists of an antenna and a receiver. You think of the receiver as a VCD. Changing a station is like changing a disc. You can think of watching multiple TVs. The antenna structure is as follows. The satellite transmits signals and is reflected from the pan surface to the high-frequency head. After the signal is processed by the high-frequency head, it is transmitted to the receiver via the coaxial cable (the type used by the cable). The receiver processes the audio and video signals and transmits them to the receiver. TV.

9, I want to wear a pan, just want to see the common station, do not want to use the cable, which star should be received?

There are two choices in this situation. One is to receive China Star 6B (East Longitude 115), which is a low-frequency C-band. In China, it can now be received in a 1.2-meter pot. There are about 48 programs. There are several central programs. Including (central 3568, as it is encrypted) and the provinces and provinces across the country, does not contain the three northeastern provinces. Price cottage within about 200 or less, brand machine about 300-400, cottage is mainly the antenna's wind resistance, aging resistance is poor, not long, the antenna is not accurate, or the lid deformable reflectance is poor, the signal decline leads to income To Taiwan. Secondly, China Star 9 (92.2) can be selected. It is a direct broadcast star. High-frequency (Ku) uses 35CM or more pots and can receive 50 sets of programs. It has two disadvantages. First, it uses the ABS format. It is not common with other satellites. For example, CDMA in mobile phones can only be purchased with a number of 133. Second, this pot is easy to install and uses too much. The interests of radio and television are compromised, and the star is upgraded. If you don't To break, you can only see 12 stations. This set of aircraft prices should be less than 200 yuan.

10. What are the encryption programs and see more?

It should be said that many fanciers, rich and have a status... all look at encrypted programs, because it is wonderful, watching encrypted programs requires the use of a system machine, commonly used is the DM500, the cheapest one of this machine is 300 yuan, the highest one thousand many. I can now use it to watch over 400 programs.

Here are some examples of the above-mentioned Zhongxing 6B (115.5). Apart from the 48 shows, you can also watch Central 3568, Phoenix movies, etc. It is worth mentioning that the program of the medium number is very good, such as “Discovery Trip”, “Defense Military”, “Global Wonder” and “Martial Arts World”, etc. There is no advertisement.

Sixth, China Star 9 program parameters (original codewords: Xiao Cheng 936)

This version takes effect: 2014/5/1
Program Number Program Name Video PID Audio PID Clock PID/
TV/frequency 11845/Polarization L Left/Symbol rate 28800/
There is no television program in this band (11845) Warning! caveat! The symbol rate of frequency 11900 is 8800
TV/frequency 11900/Polarization L Left/Symbol rate 08800/
1 Fujian Southeast Satellite TV 2981 3746 2981
2 Zhejiang Satellite TV 2215 3585 2215;
3 Liaoning Satellite TV 3891 2203 3891
4 Heilongjiang TV 2706 3539 27064 Q4
5 Tianjin TV 2894 2429 28949
6 Beijing Satellite TV 3494 1160 3494
TV/frequency 12100/polarization R right-hand/symbol rate 28800/
7 CCTV-1 Synthesis 2100 2101 2100
8 CCTV-2 Finance 3571 1630 3571
9 CCTV-7 Military Agriculture 2120 2121 2120
10 CCTV-10 Science and Education 2632 2040 2632
11 Sichuan Khampa Satellite Khamba 2140 2141 2140
12 CCTV-12 Society and Law 3876 2869 3876
13 CCTV-13 News 1456 3045 1456
14 CCTV-14 Children 3978 2877 39788
15 Inner Mongolia Satellite TV 2260 2261 2260
16 Mongolian Mongolian 2270 2271 2270
17 Xinjiang-5 Uyghur Variety 2320 2321 2320
18 Xinjiang-9 Uyghur Economic Life 2330 2331 2330
19 Xinjiang -8 Harbin Variety Arts 2400 2401 2400
20 Xinjiang-12 Children 2440 2441 2440
21 Tibet TV Chinese 2530 2531 25304
22 Tibet TV Tibetan 2540 2541 2540
23 Qinghai Tibetan 2580 2581 2580
24 Xinjiang TV-1 Chinese 2600 2601 2600
25 Xinjiang-2 Uyghur 2610 2611 2610
26 Xinjiang-3 Kazakh 2620 2621 26200
TV/frequency 12140/polarization R right-hand/symbol rate 28800/
27 Xinjiang Corps Satellite TV 1341 2964 1341
28 China Education - 1 2638 3644 2638
29 Hebei Satellite TV 3885 4089 3885
30 Shanxi TV 2969 3411 2969
31 Jilin Satellite TV 2649 3029 2649
32 Jilin Yanbian TV 2300 2301 2300
33 Anhui Satellite TV 1447 3139 14477
34 Jiangxi TV 3711 1794 37110
35 Henan Satellite TV 1189 1627 1189
36 Hubei Satellite TV 3279 4086 3279
37 Hunan Mango TV 2317 2806
38 Guangxi TV 3263 2445 3263
39 Chongqing TV 1151 1146 1151
40 Sichuan Satellite TV 2389 1919 23891
41 Guizhou Satellite TV 3884 3196 3884
42 Yunnan TV, 2491 1667 24912
43 Shaanxi Satellite TV 2449 3098 2449
44 Gansu TV 2037 3534 2037
45 Ningxia TV 3053 3846 3053
46 Shanxi Agriculture and Forestry Satellite TV 1088 2675 1088

Broadcast/frequency 11845/Polarization L Left-hand/symbol rate 28800/ equipment is not to say, mainly debugging: connect the line, find: installation and signal detection interface, first adjust the elevation angle, the signal strength is adjusted to the highest, and then adjust In the azimuth angle, Zhongjiu is generally about thirty degrees southwest in China, slowly turning from the south to the west, and the signal quality is raised to the highest. Finally, the tuner can be turned slightly to adjust the signal. The highest is to see if all the stations are closed down and fixed.

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