How about a m1 projector? How is the picture quality?

The extremely rice-free screen TV H1 launched on the 23rd of this month has set off an upsurge in the industry. The introduction of H1, a non-screen TV, will also subdivide the intelligent projection into the 1080P era, allowing smart projection to begin. A more quality era. Extremely no-screen TV H1 is said to achieve extremely clear picture quality. In order to let everyone have a very intuitive experience, we present today the picture quality performance and power consumption test for the H-scale non-screen TV. Here we are trying to evaluate from a fair angle.

The meter's brightness reaches 900 ANSI lumens and its physical resolution is 1920x1080 full HD pixels. Test the meter's H1 experience during the day and turn on the lights. We will also take 3 sets of real shot photos to demonstrate.

The above three pictures are all the effects of daylight natural light conditions on the white wall. Compared to the mainstream smart projection market in the previous year, the Polar Meter H1 has increased its brightness by 55% to 900 ANSI lumens. The advent of the Mi Mi H1 also gave a better view of the overall picture quality and brightness. We do not have to worry about the poor performance of the viewing during the day.

As an intelligent micro-projection product, it is necessary to present high-definition picture quality under the condition of turning on the light. It is believed that many intelligent micro-projections cannot achieve the desired results. Because the brightness is not enough, the light source that turns on the light is stronger and has a certain influence on the picture quality, and the picture quality effect is not ideal. The brightness of the picture quality achieved by the screenless TV of the Hami H1 is very good, because my living room is a 8 head lamp, and the lighting effect is very strong. It has been very good to achieve this effect.

Obviously, in order to truly experience the high-definition picture quality of 1080P, it is still necessary to turn off the lights at night. Without any interference with the light source, the quality of the picture brought by the shocking HD effect is very much in mind. The above screenshots are 1080P resolution (that is, the pixel resolution of 19201080). In the fine details of the picture quality and details appear more clear and bright, giving the visual experience is more shocking.

The Mi Mi H1 screenless TV launched by Miji Technology adopts the well-known Mstar TV chip in the industry and has professional quality adjustment experience. The new Mi-mi H1 not only uses 16 special image enhancement techniques and 11-color enhancement technology, ensuring that each frame is smooth, brilliant and natural.

I also have to say that the meter H1 is more delicate and prominent for the color of the 4K source, basically reducing the color image quality. In the broadcast, I also tried to beat the timeline several times and watch the responsiveness of the screenless TV.

As a smart projection with a relatively high degree of use, the user may be more concerned with the power consumption of the screenless TV of Hami H1. We also obtained a power consumption of about 68 W using a professional test instrument. After being used to listen to songs after power off, the power is instantaneously reduced to 13W. Overall, the power consumption of the screenless TV is very low. For a simple calculation, continuous playback for 15 hours consumes only 1 degree of power. For pure listening, only 1 kWh of electricity is consumed for 7 hours of continuous work.

Since the room temperature was around 16 degrees during the test, after 3 hours of continuous playing of the meter H1, we also measured the infrared sensing temperature of the front panel, the rear cooling hole, the top and the side as shown in the above figure. The amount of heat is very low, indicating that the thermal performance of the screenless TV is very good. This is thanks to the large area of ​​metal cooling holes in the H1 body and the intelligent temperature-controlled rotating fan inside.

In addition, we also tested the noise effect of the Nomi H1 screenless TV. A number of tests were performed with a high-precision decibel meter. After the measurement, the sound level of the fan's automatic constant-speed operation was basically maintained within 55 dBA. For such a value, if you are in a quiet environment, you need to listen carefully to hear it (I am Based on the comprehensive reference value measured after M1's H1 is on-demand for multiple videos in the silent mode), it is necessary to know that the cough that usually coughs a little will be easily on the 70-80dBA, so this concern can basically not have to worry about.

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