Have a treasure hammer! Various "X" LED TV concept literacy

I don't know when it started, LCD TVs gradually unified the TV circle. In the past, the scenes of various TVs in the store were not seen. However, if you think that choosing a TV now will not be so entangled, then it is a big mistake. Nowadays, the various concepts of TV sets are not less than before. What are the 4 colors and 4K, quantum dots, and various emerging concepts emerge one after another. The most troublesome thing is the concept of various "X" LEDs for TV. Not only is it similar in appearance, but the description of the business is also mysterious and mysterious, so that ordinary consumers can't figure it out. Today, Xiaobian took everyone to go to the false, and talked about the differences between the various "X" LEDs in detail.


The famous name of LED TV believes that all consumers who want to buy TV should be familiar with it. Most TVs on the market now belong to LED TV. LED full name Light-Emitting Diode, English looks very tall, in fact, translated is a light-emitting diode.

Some friends may have to ask, LED TV is not a LCD TV, how to become a light-emitting diode?

I don't know if you still remember the "LCD" TV in previous years. In fact, LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LED TV refers to the use of LCD panels as display media and LEDs. Backlit module TV. The current LED TV is actually an LCD TV. In the past, the "LCD" TV should be called CCFL TV (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp). As for the LCD TV, it can only be said that it is manufacturers and merchants. A misinformation.

LED TV actually means that the backlight of the TV is composed of LED lights.


ULED is a display technology on Hisense TV. Strictly speaking, ULED is not a technology, but the effect of the integration of various display technologies on Hisense LED TV. In addition to the optimization of general brightness, color and other parameters of the screen, one of the more representative technologies of ULED is partition control.

ULED has become the symbol of Hisense's high-end TV

Since the liquid crystal panel will only display color and will not emit light, the LCD TV is illuminated by the backrest light module. The ordinary LCD TV can only open and close a full-screen backlight at the same time, which causes the LCD TV to be incomplete when it is displayed in the dark. The partition control light divides the backlight into N partitions, and controls the backlight by intelligently recognizing the image. The bright place is turned on, and the black place is turned off to achieve better image quality.

Dynamic backlights can identify image content to control backlighting

It should be noted that the partition control is not a unique technology of ULED. ULED TVs must have zoned light control capabilities, but TVs with zoned light control are not necessarily ULED TVs. Editor: CQJ

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