Dudu intelligently promotes the construction of urban smart traffic! The car network industry pattern or big change

Definition of "car network"

"According to the definition of the China Internet of Things School-Enterprise Alliance, the Internet of Vehicles is a huge interactive network composed of information such as vehicle position, speed and route. Vehicles can be completed by means of GPS, RFID, sensors, camera image processing, etc. The collection of its own environment and state information." This is Baidu Encyclopedia's definition of the Internet of Vehicles, no more details.

Dudu intelligently promotes the construction of urban smart traffic! The car network industry pattern or big change

China's car association ecological development

The development of China's car network seems to be less healthy than the development of foreign car networks. Tracing back to the advent of the Internet of Vehicles, it is naturally inseparable from Cadillac's "Anji Star" system, the system is comprehensive, and the service is thoughtful, but it seems that Chinese users do not buy it, the reason is not unrelated to the experience. Perhaps that era is the 1.0 era of the Internet of Vehicles. This year, APPLE CarPlay has been assembled on all major high-end models. Google and BAT seem to be interested in the Internet of Vehicles, but in any case, the Internet of Vehicles seems to have reached the cusp!

Different from foreign countries, the earliest car network in China started with the automobile aftermarket, and the car connection form was settled with various kinds of hardware, such as: smart rearview mirror, driving recorder, etc. Mainly based on Android architecture. Many solution providers are more whimsical, adding entertainment, video, social interaction and other functions that affect driving safety to the product. There are thousands of enterprises producing intelligent rearview mirrors in China. After several years of development, systems, solutions, mold parts and assemblies have formed a relatively complete chain. One assembly line seems to be able to prop up a brand of smart rearview mirrors. . Judging from the sales data and price of a certain cat, the car network with the smart rearview mirror as an ideology seems to have become a chicken rib, losing the value and significance of the Internet of Vehicles! Or, it is not really a car network.

Internet of Vehicles Dark Horse - Shenzhen Dudu Smart to try smart city construction, or redefine the application field and industry pattern of the Internet of Vehicles

In the past few days, a piece of news that “the Shenyang Municipal Government and Shenzhen Dudu Smart officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement” seems to have smashed the circle of friends in the car networking industry. The general content of the news is that the Shenyang Municipal Government and Dudu Smart officially signed A strategic cooperation framework agreement for building a “smart city”. In the past few days, from the content of various media attention and reports, the government and Dudu Intelligence have mixed in the interest in building smart cities. But no matter what, the essence is to solve the traffic congestion in the city and the public travel problems of the citizens.

Dudu smart car networking terminal + traffic = smart traffic?

According to Dudu Intelligent's official website, it is the only company that builds from the solution, system, cloud data, product development and production, and ecological chain. At least from the perspective of its construction investment and system research and development, it is called A true car networking company. And how does the car networking company play a huge role in the construction of smart transportation?

The smart transportation under the real Internet of Vehicles is to aggregate all kinds of information transmissions to the central data processor, analyze, process and remotely control a large number of vehicle terminal information through cloud computing technology, data measurement and control and other technical means. In order to calculate the best route for different vehicles, and report the road conditions and arrange the signal cycle in time. According to the relevant departments, Dudu Intelligent seems to be promoting related matters with the relevant departments of Shenyang Smart Transportation!

Judging from the experience of the IoT practitioners for many years, Dudu Intelligent seems to have set a good example for all the Internet of Vehicles practitioners in the Internet of Vehicles industry. If the projects of Dudu Intelligent and Shenyang Smart Transportation can be actually promoted and successfully replicated Going to other cities will undoubtedly revolutionize the current form of the Internet of Vehicles industry. In the near future, perhaps we can really experience the convenience of Dudu intelligent product terminal and data computing control for our smart transportation!

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