Good-looking high-score science-fiction film recommendation in the past two years

Sofa butler movie recommended as a sci-fi movie enthusiast, I believe we all tasted the hardships of sci-fi films hard to find, online recommended movies are either coming and going to those few classics, or some people see very few films, We also recommend the magic film to everyone, which is really a big disappointment. I read numerous films, especially science and sci-fi, is now meticulously sorted out in the past two years more beautiful high-sci-fi movies recommended to everyone.

1, "Interplanetary Crossing"

In the near future, the earth is full of yellow sand, and basic crops such as wheat and okra are extinct due to blight. Humanity no longer looks at the stars like before and indulges in imagination and inspiration. Instead, it counts down every day under the ravages of sandstorms. Not much left. The former NASA astronaut cooper Cooper found a strange gravitational field phenomenon in his daughter Murphy's study, and immediately learned that former NASA members were secretly conducting a plan to save humanity in an unknown area.

Time can be stretched and collapsed, but it cannot be reversed. Your hair may be my child's face, and I can breathe for the rest of your life.

2. Jurassic World

In the 21st century, the island of Nubra, which once gave birth to the first dinosaur, ushered in a new era after a series of tragedies. Nowadays, the large-scale theme park Jurassic has been built by Maslani. The world", a large number of ancient creatures, attracts tens of thousands of tourists every day. In order to attract more tourists, the company inspires creative laboratories to use the genes of different animals to create an overbearing Tyrannosaurus that combines strength, speed and wisdom.

I hope that everyone will stay up late, watching dinosaurs eat people will be hungry.

3, "The Edge of Tomorrow"

In the panic of the alien invasion of the future world, the military speaker Major Cage frightened him on the battlefield. He never thought that the generals would allow him to direct the upcoming "Normandy battle." He refused to accept the order and the generals were actually disorganized. It was to throw him as a deserter into the barracks. Cage was assigned to the J team to fight and died on the battlefield on the first day of the battle. He did not expect that this death gave him the ability to cycle in time and space, and the only person who believed in him was called the "all-metal warrior." Rita Volataski.

Adapted to a certain degree, forced to die the original. It's not a mistake to have a handsome story.

4, "gravity"

A space station affiliated to the United States, several space crews are making spacewalks and routine inspections of their satellites. Dr. Ryan Stone, who was initially in space, systematically inspected every component with the help of experienced astronaut Matt Kołowski. This was the last flight of Koroksky's retirement. He was humorously active in the atmosphere of the team. At this time, the headquarters of Houston came with news of deaf people. Not long ago, the Russian satellites were destroyed and destroyed by missiles. The fragments scattered in the Earth’s orbit at a speed exceeding the bullets and accidentally hit other satellites, causing chain reactions to be caused. New debris.

As a national melody promoting the national theme, it extols China’s space technology in the new era. It fully affirms China’s achievements in space technology at the present stage, and in the form of an American girl’s escape route, it reveals the high quality of the Tiangong space station, which is extremely simple. Operational.

5, "The rise of the pompous ball 2"

Ten years ago, mankind paid a terrible price for its stupidity. The dangerous and deadly flu virus spread all over the world and the world was destroyed. In the jungle adjacent to San Francisco, Caesar led the orangutan companions to build a carefree kingdom until one day, the tranquility of the orangutan's home was once again broken by humans. In the old city, people who are lingering in the old city are facing energy crisis. They are trying to use the power station of the forest hinterland dam to provide energy. However, Kaiser’s good ally, Coba, could not get rid of human hatred. He tried the authority of challenger Caesar.

Caesar: "A hairless man, without selfish motives, regards the orangutan's liberation career as his own business. What is this spirit? This is the spirit of the mass line. This is the spirit of revivalist psyche, every savager. We must all learn this spirit and work hard to realize the great dream of the country." There was constant applause from the audience.

6. Former Destination

Special Agents of the Space and Time Labor Bureau were ordered to return to the 1970s to stop the terrorist “flash bombers” destruction that caused great harm to the city. Whoever knew that his mission failed, after a long recovery, he once again embarked on a journey and vowed to demolish the bomb passenger rope. This time he used the bartender's identity as a marketplace and one day he happened to get acquainted with the pen name "unmarried mother."

This film is definitely a test for face blindness.

7, "The Night Comes From Night"

In a quiet, spooky dark night, young woman Emily drove to a friend's house to attend a party. Before that, she called her boyfriend while driving. However, the call was suddenly interrupted and her cell phone screen had somehow cracked. This incident made Emily’s heart rise unsettled, because a comet just happened to be close to Earth that night. A legend heard a long time ago made her have an ominous premonition about the arrival of a comet.

Watching this movie always reminds me of two films that I saw in 2011: "Another Earth" (a mirror image of alien stars and self) and "Depression."

8, "Future Study Conference"

Robin White, a once-famous actress, has long since expired, and her 45-year-old has also lost her patience as a result of her many opportunities for stubbornness and willful destruction. Jeff forced her to sign the final contract for the actor's career. From then on, Robin's name and three-dimensional scanned virtual image can only appear on the company's display wall and digital age movies. Robin initially resisted boycott, but under the persuasion of broker Ayer, taking into account the condition of his son Aaron, this stubborn woman chose to compromise.

For the time being, I haven't seen a movie that makes me think more than this movie. It's very interesting to think about a dozen of points to burn a little bit of thought.

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